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Power Apps Portals – Script Error: One of the scripts for this record has caused an error…


This is a quick post that might help you in case you come across the below error message when using the Portal Management App within Power Apps Portals:

The first time I had this issue it took me a while to figure out what was happening. When viewing the error details, all I could see is that the Portals couldn’t run its OOB JavaScript (even though I hadn’t made any changes to it):

ReferenceError: Web resource method does not exist: adx.adx_webpage.loadResources
at Kl.execute (
at o (
at $._executeIndividualEvent (
at $._executeEventHandler (
at Object.execute (
at O._executeSyncAction (
at O._executeSync (
at O.executeAction (
at t.dispatch (

Fixing this problem is actually a lot easier than it looks. The root cause of this is actually an Ad Block extension that you might have installed in your browser. This issue happened to me with a few different extensions in multiple browsers.

The JavaScript used by the Portal Management App probably uses similar functions as common ads all over the internet, so it ends up blocked, causing several issues when trying to configure Portal data.

To fix this all you need is to either remove the extension, or add an exception based on the website URL. This may vary depending on the extension you have installed, in my case I have the AdBlock for Edge, so I can setup this exception using the option “Don’t run on pages on this site.”


If you have this problem, don’t stress, you didn’t do anything wrong – just follow the steps above and the error message will be gone!

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