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Power Apps Portals – JavaScript Tip #03 – Load Edit modal after record creation


A very common business requirement I see is to create a record as well as related (1:N) records within the same page. By design, in Power Apps Portals (as well as Dynamics 365 / CDS / Dataverse) we need first to create the main/parent record to be able to create any related records. There are a few different ways to implement this, for example:

  • Web Forms (or Entity Forms with redirect) – having the initial step to the main record creation, and then moving to another step/page with the subgrid
  • Web API – the new Web API allows us to create multiple records in the same request, but requires a good bit of custom development

The above might be enough for most scenarios, but I want to explore here a different one that is very common. Let’s say we have an Entity List (or subgrid) with both Create and Edit actions enabled using an Entity Form modal instead of opening a Web Page – how can we fix this problem then?

We can achieve this requirement by adding a JavaScript on the Entity List (or Entity Form containing the subgrid if that’s your case). The idea of the JavaScript code is to check if there is any created record on every time the list is loaded, and force the Edit Entity Form to open, this will allow the user to enter the related records without having to click on the record. Let’s take a look at how this will look to the end-user:

Technical Implementation

I will explain here, at a high-level, my implementation:

  • I have two global variables to help in my code
    • existingRecordList – this is an array that I will store the existing list items whenever loaded
    • firstLoad – this is a simple variable to control when the page is being loaded for the first time
  • Then I inject a function (CheckNewRecord) to the onload event of my Entity List
  • These are the steps of my main function (CheckNewRecord):
    • Initiate the existingRecordsList in case this is the first load
    • Compare the size between existingRecordsList and Entity List records
    • I am creating a new temporary array to avoid conflicting with my global array
    • For each item of my Entity List:
      • Add the record ID to the temporary array
      • Ignore if this is the first time loading or if we already found which one is the new record
      • Check if the ID doesn’t exist in the global array
      • If it doesn’t exist, it means we found the new record, so we can store that in a separate variable (newRecordId) as well as marking that we already found the new record
    • Reload the global array with the temporary array; this is necessary for the next loads of the Entity List
    • If we found a new record, we need then to open the Edit modal/Entity Form
      • Via jQuery I am finding the element with the ID of the new record, and triggering the click event for the “details-link” class
    • Finally set the firstLoad control variable to false
var existingRecordsList;
var firstLoad = true;

$(document).ready(function() {

    var list = $(".entitylist.entity-grid").eq(0);
    list.on("loaded", CheckNewRecord);

function CheckNewRecord() {

    var list = $(".entitylist.entity-grid").eq(0);
    var newRecordFound = false;
    var newRecordId;

    // first load
    if (firstLoad) {
        existingRecordsList = [];

    if (existingRecordsList.length != $(list).find('table tbody tr').length) {

        var tempRecordList = [];

        $(list).find('table tbody tr').each(function() {
            var id = $(this).attr("data-id");

            if (!firstLoad && !newRecordFound && existingRecordsList.indexOf(id) < 0) {
                newRecordId = id;
                newRecordFound = true;
        // reload global variable with items in temp list
        existingRecordsList = tempRecordList;

        if (newRecordFound && !!newRecordId) {
            // open edit modal
            var newRecordElement = $(list).find("[data-id='" + newRecordId + "']");
    firstLoad = false;


The idea of this post was more to show tricks that we can do with an Entity List/Subgrid by applying JavaScript code. This is not limited to opening the Edit Entity Form after the creation, but really anything you might need to perform via JavaScript once a record is created and you don’t want to re-load the page.

This works pretty well with an Entity List/Subgrid containing a small number of records. But be mindful that in case of a large list, this might not work as the new record might not be in the current page.

One thought on “Power Apps Portals – JavaScript Tip #03 – Load Edit modal after record creation

  1. Hi Oliver!!, I have added a subgrid metadata on my basic form. But there’s no separate column for selecting records and only one record can be selected on subgrid at a time. Can we somehow do a multiselect in subgrid to delete/deactivate multiple records just like CRM and add a checkbox column??


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